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  • Contract Terms

    • No long-term commitment
    • No teaser rates or bait-n-switch prices!

    Freeze your account for UP TO 6 months. After 6-months you need to reactive your account or it will be cancelled. Cancelled accounts require a new receiver to be reactivated.

  • Financing

    PayTomorrow Financing

    • Financing available both through website purchase or phone order
    • Break up your payments with up to 6 months interest-free financing for qualified customers
    • Soft credit check takes seconds and does not affect your credit
    • Early payments save you money on longer term financing.
    • Term Options: 6 , 12, 18 or 24 months.
    • Financing as low as $55/mo.
    • Application completed by entering Debit Card and making 1st month’s payment.

  • Channels Available

    • Full list of channels available can be found HERE.

    • Get access to better channels for less with EpicVue
    • No teaser rates or price increases after 6 or 12 months
    • DIRECTV works anywhere with line of sight to the satellite towards the southern sky.

    • NFL Sunday Ticket only provides access to games on Sunday.
    National Networks (i.e. ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX) not available through receiver. Local Off-Air antenna required and has a 60 mile radius near metropolitan areas. Sold separately on our website for $79.

    Contact us for more information: 866-900-4434

  • Discounts & Referral Program

    EpicVue has partnered with associations and O/O Fleets to make this program possible. Call us to find out if your fleet or association is sponsoring a discount, 1-866-900-4434

    Referral Program
    Our referral program allows you to get 2 months FREE programming for every referral. Both you and your referral each get 2 months FREE programming. Multiple referrals allow you to add more months to your account!

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Post-Purchase Info

  • Delivery

    • You will receive an email with step-by-step instructions once you complete your order, make sure to keep an eye out for that email
    • We will ship your package to the shipping address provided, we do not carry inventory at any service centers.
    • Please example the package thoroughly to make sure there are no missing or damaged parts
    • Immediately report any damage to with details and pictures

    • Once you receive your delivery, proceed to our INSTALLATION PAGE

  • Installation & Activation

    • Self-Installation:

    • Rivet Nut Tool: Make sure to purchase a Rivet Nut Tool at checkout so you can properly mount the bracket that will hold the dome on your truck.
    • Videos & Manual: Make sure to carefully watch our Installation video guide and read through the installation manual found at:

    • Professional Installation: Visit our installation page at to see our full list of certified installation/service centers. You will be billed by the service center once the installation is complete

    Activation: Once the installation is complete, call us at 1-866-335-2122 to activate your receiver

  • Customer Service

    Do not call DIRECTV directly, they will not be able to help you. Call us and we’ll be able to handle any hardware or account related issues.

    24/7 Support – 1-866-900-4434

    Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    • This line can assist you with questions and troubleshooting

    Customer Support – 1-866-335-2122

    Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri  9AM–6PM  CST

    • This line can assist you with questions, troubleshooting, damaged hardware, and account related issues.


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